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Groups & Educational Workshops

Parent & Caregiver Workshop

Compassionate Connections is pleased to offer workshops that focus on assisting parents who are struggling with their child's behaviour. These workshops are delivered from an attachment perspective, and are meant provide additional tools for parents to utilize during times of conflict and stress. These two hour, stand alone workshops are designed to augment the skills parents already have, as well as increase feelings of self-efficacy and effective parenting by focusing o​n connecting emotionally with our children and exploring conflict as a form of communication. It is recommended that both parents attend the workshop.

Emotion-Focused School Support

Emotion Focused School Support (EF-SS) is a simple and efficient model for increasing the capacity for school staff to support the mental health of children and their parents. EF-SS is offered so that it can be applied in a way that supports students to regulate their emotions and re-engage in the learning environment, while respecting the primary mandates of teachers, aides and support staff. EF-SS is designed to be simple and effective as to avoid adding to the already high demands of the school day.

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