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Compassionate Connections Therapeutic & Consulting Services

“A person's attachment status is a fundamental determinant of their relationships, and this is reflected in the way they feel about themselves and others."

  • Jeremy Holmes, John Bowlby and Attachment Theory

Your First Session

Our clinic is located on the top floor of the Lunenburg Foundry building (53 Falkland St). When you arrive there will be signs directing you up the stairs where you will see our reception area. Due to COVID protocols we will require that all individuals use the hand sanitizer provided and maintain a social distancing. If you have not completed your intake and consent forms prior to your session, paper versions will be left in the waiting room on a clipboard for you to complete before your session starts.

During our first meeting we will start with a review of the confidentiality and privacy information, sign all relevant forms, and review the adult intake form you completed. You will also have a chance to ask questions before we begin.

In our conversation we may ask questions about your current situation and concerns, your current life style, routines, and recreational activities. We will also work collaboratively with you to develop goals for therapy.

Our work together is set to your pace and comfort. We will only talk about areas of your life that you are comfortable discussing. Your participation in therapy is completely voluntary and you can stop or discontinue at any time.

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